Below are a selection of videos from roles and appearances I've had over the years.

2010 - Viral Video - 'Will It Blend? Doctor Who And The Daleks'

This was a viral video I filmed for Blendtec in the USA. Tom Dickson, who hosts the videos has a bit of a cult following, and I was kindly invited down to record a Doctor Who special!

2010 - Documentary - 'The Sands Of Time'

A documentary filmed entirely on location in Utah; USA, covering the 'alien' landscapes that have been used and could be used in Doctor Who.

2004 - Commercial - 'Ultimate Girls Night In' CD

This was a commercial for a CD called 'Ultimate Girls Night In'. In the video I play a pizza guy who gets dragged inside the house then pushed out on the doorstep.

2004 - Music Video - Shania Twain "Party For Two" - Billy Currington (Country) version

This was the first version of the music video we shot, with Country singer, Billy Currington. I play the waiter whom Shania hands a note to. The director then decided he wanted to use me for the final scenes in the video, where Shania and Billy are swinging on a chandelier in Barclay Square; London.

2004 - Music Video - Shania Twain "Party For Two" - Mark McGrath (Pop) version

The second version of the music video was shot after Billy had filmed his scenes, with the performance essentially the same. The scene where I am handed the note is exactly the same, and we just filmed new footage including Mark at the end.

2003 - Commercial - "Bloomberg Interactive"

In this commercial I play a football fan having to demonstrate the ups and downs during the game. As anyone who knows me will attest, Im not a football fan in any way, shape or form, so there really was some acting going on here!